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Our history

Welcome to the world of practicality and elegance. A few years ago, during a memorable wedding, the idea of a wireless lighting solution emerged. While everything seemed perfect, it was clear that something essential was missing: lighting that could guide guests to their parking lot with ease, without compromising the sophistication of the event.

After years of research and development, we are excited to introduce LitiConcept, our flagship product. It embodies our vision of a subtle but necessary addition to ensure the success of every evening. Our wireless light columns have been designed to be both easy to install and use, and are aimed at a wide audience, whether it's a wedding, reception or other celebration .

LitiConcept was born from our passion and commitment to offering a practical and aesthetic solution to illuminate your special moments. Discover how our product can truly illuminate your precious memories and add a touch of sophistication to every event. Join us for a luminous experience that will make your memorable evenings shine.

The concept" ?

Our product is not a light column.

It is the homogeneous set of interconnected, controlled and dynamic light points transforming each space into an enchanting place. And all this, with great ease of use. Our goal is to share with you this unique atmosphere that LitiConcept helps to create.

Let's work together

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