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Our solution


Total control of both hardware and software design allows us to create a tailor-made solution that perfectly meets the objectives that LitiConcept conveys.

In this wireless world, there are hazards that can cause electromagnetic interference, including physical obstacles, or densely populated environments, disrupting signal transmission. Additionally, the distance between LitiConcept units can create additional challenges.

Our solution integrates precise predictability of the future of our algorithms allowing us to anticipate and correct potential disruptions.

Our technology quickly adjusts to changes in the environment to ensure flawless synchronization, even in the most demanding situations.


Our main loam column has a height of 204cm, including the 40x40cm stability foot.

Our solution also includes a set of Pot/Vase,80cm high by 35cm wide, used as a champagne and ice bucket.

Your tables will not be forgotten, we are completing the development of mini light columns to illuminate high tables, bars, tables... They will be available as soon as they have passed our quality tests.


Each element operates on battery, the duration of use of which varies between 8 hours and more than 24 hours depending on the colors and effects chosen.


We don't just rent light columns.

The end result is our goal, and to get there, our teams will do what is necessary.

Study of your project

Each project is studied in detail in order to offer an ideal solution. 

Delivery & Facility

We take care of the delivery and placement of the solution, testing in your environment, 


Vous n'êtes pas seul!

 Nos équipes vous expliquerons le fonctionnement de la solution

For everyone

“It just works!”

Just place them, turn them on, and you're ready to light up your evening.

For professionals

LitiConcept can be controlled with your professional equipment. Each scene, or each set of light points is addressable and are obviously “DMX512 Ready” thanks to our DMX bridge.


Our solution allows the management of a multi-room. Each piece or each set of light points will be part of the same solution.


Each light point is an integral part of the dedicated LitiNet network allowing controlled latency and self-correcting light point synchronization, regardless of interference.

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